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CBAM aesthetic and anti-aging clinics offer the most up-to-date wide range cosmetic treatments to the members.

We are proud that all our clinicians are fully certified and experienced in their field. We are famous with our full beauty and anti-aging consultation which provides a great understanding of the client’s needs and desires.

All treatments plans are designed based on the standard evidence based knowledge that the certified clinicians have learned and updated in an ongoing educational process.

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    (Botox®, Dysport®, Nuceiva®)

    Forehead and Frown’s lines
    Crow’s Feet lines
    Smoker’s lines
    Face Slimming
    and more …


    Unlimited Annual Upperface Beauty Package (only $699/year)

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    Dermal Filler

    (Restylane®, Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Stylage®, Revanesse®)

    Under the eye darkness
    Laugh lines
    Cheek augmentations
    Lip augmentations
    and more …

    $375/first welcome filler

    Second filler and more: $475 to $599

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    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)


    Skin rejuvenation
    Hair restorations
    Acne scar treatments
    and more …

    $299/first welcome PRP

    Second PRP and more: $399 to $599

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    IV Drip Therapy


    Skin rejuvenation
    Anti-aging therapy
    Energy boosting
    Immune boosting

    $99/session (5 sessions)
    $79/session (10 sessions)

$50 fully deductible

All locations

CBAM Consultation Tool

A revolutionary tool to help you reach your beauty goals faster

Step 1: Submit your beauty information

Step 2: Receive the anti-aging and beauty report
(which is specifically designed for you by our expert aesthetic doctors or nurses)

Step 3: Book an appointment for a visit in one of the locations all over Canada (optional)

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Why to choose CBAM Clinic?

Affordable pricing for members and even more savings on Shared packages.
All treatments are based on a standard scientific procedures. No Surprises !!!
All products are fully Health Canada approved.
All clinicians are fully certified.

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