Nose Packages

Nose beautification

All human beings want to have a beautiful appearance, to have a beautiful face from an aesthetic point of view, there must be harmony in your face. We use beautification practices to eliminate the defects in the face. The nose, as the central part of your face, plays an important role in the overall balance of your face. If you look at the nose separately, your nose may be very beautiful, but if it does not fit in with other parts of your face, it can greatly affect your appearance. So we spend a lot of time before the treatment examining the patient’s chin, eyebrows, cheeks, eyes, and the overall shape of the face to get the desired result. Any changes in your nose should be commensurate with the rest of your face and increase the overall symmetry of your face.

Nose non-surgical treatment

Filler injection: This procedure is performed under local anesthesia at CBAM clinics. The filler can be a gel or fat that is injected into the desired areas of the nose. Injecting fillers can repair defects in the nose, some of which work to reduce bumps on the surface of the nose, while others are useful for filling and shaping. In the filler injection method, products are compatible with the body tissue and can be absorbed into the body within a year, and do not cause any harm to the body.

CBAM Clinic Nose package

Asian Nose Beautification Package

  • Specific package designed for the Asian style nose:
    If the nose bridge is depressed and flat
    If the upper part of the nose is wide
  • This technique will elevate the bridge of the nose
  • The tip of the nose is slightly raised
  • Office-based non-surgical option for nose beautification with minimal pain and discomfort
  • Minimal downtime & Topical anesthesia if needed

Nose Hump Beautification Package

  • This package is ideal if the nose has a hump and you would like to remove it or hide it with non-surgical procedures
  • This treatment is also able to raise the tip of the nose if the patient requests
  • Non-surgical nose beautification with minimal pain and discomfort
  • In most cases the patient can immediately go back to normal daily activities
  • Topical anesthesia can be used if needed (most patient rate this procedure very minimal painful)


Is Nose non-surgical treatment safe?

The most important thing to be safe from the side effects of this treatment is to choose a reputable beauty clinic that has a skilled medical team and uses standard materials and a history of use. Observance of these two cases neutralizes about 98% of complications.

What are the benefits of Nose non-surgical treatment?

  • Having semi-permanent results
  • Lower cost
  • Less invasive

How long does Nose non-surgical treatment last?

In many cases it does not last long; Therefore, to maintain the desired shape of the nose, it must be repeated continuously every 6 to 12 months.

Which patients should try Nose non-surgical treatment?

Some the examples are:

  • Relatively mild to moderate nasal hump
  • Removal of defects such as excessive dimples in noses that have already been operated
  • Nose with a sharp and deep angle between the upper lip and the nose
  • Noses that have slight asymmetries