Cheek and Laugh Line Fillers

Eliminate deep wrinkles around the lips and make your smile more beautiful

Cheek highlighting and facial beauty

No need for care and rest after the injection

No damage to skin tissues

Cheek and laugh line fillers treatment

  • As we age, we lose some of our subcutaneous fat. This reduces the volume and elasticity of the skin, including the volume of the cheeks and their sagging. Cheek sagging can make the face look stressed and tired. Filler injection plays a very good role in the natural volumizing of the cheek and its gentle lift.

    On the other hand, laugh lines are lip-like folds that form on both sides of your nose and the corners of your mouth. They are caused by aging, when the fat layers of the face are removed, causing the skin to sag and create prominent wrinkles.

    Dermal fillers are injectable compounds used to treat facial wrinkles. These fillers fill the surface of the skin, resulting in smoother lines and wrinkles.

    The most common types of fillers for laugh lines are hyaluronic acid. This substance is produced naturally in the skin and helps to firm and hydrate it.

Cheek and laugh line fillers

Before and After Pictures*

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Before Image After Image
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What Is The Process?

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    Free consultation and Decide about your potential treatment

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    Book an appointment and arrive in one of the CBAM Clinic locations

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    Meet with your injector and finalize your treatment plan

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    Enjoy the result of your treatment

Before Treatment

You’ll want to schedule your treatment at least two weeks before any events.

If you get a blemish in the treatment area, postpone your appointment until it’s gone.

If you’ve previously had a facelift, dermal fillers are not for you.

During Treatment

Treatments are usually done in under an hour.

Expect minimal discomfort and pressure during the procedure.

You’ll receive a topical anesthetic to help with any possible discomfort.

After Treatment

You should see a visible difference immediately, but know that the product takes about two weeks to settle.

You’ll need to wait two weeks before having other cosmetic procedures done in the area.

You’ll want to avoid dental work for a couple of weeks after the procedure.

Cheek and laugh line fillers

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