CBAM Clinic Beauty and Anti-aging Consultation

Features Reviewed During Consultation

 (online or in-office)

We recommend all our patients to go through the comprehensive beauty and anti-aging consultation. The consultant will evaluate you in 4 areas:

  1. Skin health and aging (to offer you the recommendations for skin improvements)
  2. Beauty assessment and balance of the base 
  3. Volume loss evaluation in the regions of the face
  4. Nutritional needs assessment which affects on skin and aesthetic (to offer you the right IV drip treatment)

The consultation can be performed online or in-office. The fee for either consultations is $50 (plus tax) which is deducted from the price of your treatment if you receive any treatment from us after the consultation. After either online or in-office assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report of the assessment and you do not have the obligation to continue with the treatments are offered to you.  


 1-866-366-CBAM (2226)

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