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Eyebrow Lift

Non-surgical brow lift is a procedure that creates a temporary lift on the corner of the eyebrows in order to provide a desired look for the client. The outside corner of the eyebrows are controlled by two groups of muscles above the eyebrow and under the eyebrow. The group above are able to lift the corner and the group under are able to drop it. We normally use these muscle for the facial expressions.

The goal of the treatment is to relax the underlying muscles to allow the lifting muscles to pull up the corner of brows. The underlying muscles are also responsible for Crow’s feet and as a result, by relaxing these muscles, we will have the treatment of these lines concurrently with the brow lift treatment.

Treatment Options

The focus of non-surgical brow lift is on relaxing the dropping muscle (which are located under the corner of eyebrow) with neuromodulators to provide a lift for the eyebrow. Depending on how relax we make the dropping muscles, we will have a more lifting result.

As you may know, this treatment (similar to other procedures performed by neuromodulators) provides a temporary effect for 6 to 9 months and corner of the eyebrow will gradually return to the original position. The patients who desire long term lift would require a maintenance treatment in this area.