Filler injection: indications, risks, durability

If you are reading this, you probably are considering filler injection therapy as an option. Let’s see what filler is and learn more about it so you can make your decision with knowledge. Fillers are substances that have a gel-like structure and are one of the fastest and safest methods of skin rejuvenation. They can make you look more attractive. Filler injections are popular, especially among women. With the help of fillers, different parts of the face can be formed and youth can be restored to the face. By having information about this beauty practice, you will get better results. As you grow older, aging will come to the skin. And slowly wrinkles will appear on the skin and it loses its firmness and elasticity. In these cases, the injection of various fillers will cause wrinkles to open and the sagging of the skin to be eliminated. That is why this method is widely used for skin rejuvenation and helps people to look better and younger.

When do we use fillers?

The most common use of filler injections is for people who want to experience more volume and better shape in one part of their face or body. Undoubtedly, a significant part of human beauty depends on their skin. It can be said that this beauty is most summed up in the faces. Having a beautiful and flawless face is everyone’s dream. Perhaps the skin plays a more fundamental role in this. Having smooth and wrinkle-free skin will increase your beauty a hundredfold. You can see the return of youth and vitality by injecting facial fillers.

In many people, the cheeks, temples, or lips are not symmetrical for a variety of reasons. Filler injection can establish one of the principles of beauty, which is to maintain balance and evenness, by correcting the symmetry of facial components.

Are fillers safe?

The use of fillers is often safe, but any medical procedure can have short-term and long-term side effects. However, if the filler that is being used is safe, complications such as sores and bruising are expected to decrease within a few days after the injection. On the other hand, injecting cheap substances, physicians being unfamiliar with filler treatment techniques, and poor hygiene can have permanent and irreversible side effects for the patient. In CBAM we did our best to provide you the best products and physicians so you can get your filler injection safe and without serious complications.

Filler and pregnancy

Although filler injections can be considered a less invasive and safe method, there are still people who are not suitable candidates for this treatment. People with diabetes, bleeding disorders, heart disease, neuromuscular disease, and people with a history of severe chemical allergies should only have filler injections with the direct advice of a disease-related physician. In addition, pregnant women or people who are breastfeeding should not use different filler treatments at all. In general, healthy people without skin diseases and allergies who do not use tobacco are the best candidates to use fillers in different parts of the face and body.

Filler durability

Are fillers permanent? The durability of the filler injection in different parts of the face depends on three factors: the type of injection, the injection site, and the person’s skin. Hyaluronic acid injections are the most temporary type of injection, which usually lasts between 6 to 12 months. Injection of fillers is quick, only requires a local anesthetic and its results are immediate.

This temporary nature can be considered a good thing. Because if the expected beauty is not achieved after the injection, there is no worry about its durability. At the end of the filler period, the person can have another injection.

Filler cost

The clinic and the specialist doctor who perform the filler injection have different costs. A doctor may charge more because of his or her higher skills. Also, the clinic with newer services and technologies will have higher costs for the patient. For more information on the cost of filler injections and also to consultation, contact us.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about filler injections:

Are filler injections painful?

This operation is performed under local anesthesia and is painless. Of course, some people have a low pain threshold that they may feel a little pain but, this pain will not be unbearable.

Are filler injections harmful?

If this is done in a valid clinic and by a specialist doctor; Definitely, standard and quality materials are used and it will not have any adverse effects on the body. However, it is possible to use bad fillers at unauthorized centers. That leads to a risk of contaminated fillers or incorrect execution of the injection and infection.

Filler injection can be used for which areas?

The injection is used for various areas such as the lips, cheeks, chin, under the eyes, jaw, folds around the nose and the frown and laughter line. Sometimes filler injections are used to give volume and a desirable appearance to the hands.

Are filler injection results immediate?

There is usually swelling after the injection that makes the injected area to be larger. So you have to wait about a week to get the full result.


Now that you have learned more about fillers, contact us at CBAM, we will help you to get the best filler treatment possible.