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Forhead Lines Corrections

Forehead lines (forehead wrinkles) are located on the forehead area. They are either dynamic (only created by movements) or static (they exist even without movements). They are created as a result of contraction of a very thin muscle in the area which is called Fronto-occipital muscle. Some patients have a very deep lines in this area which indicates this muscle is very strong.

The pattern of this muscle is different in different clients. Some clients have these lines all the way from one side of the forehead to the other side. But some clients have them in a smaller area either in the centre of the forehead or only above the eyebrows. Here are the 4 distinct types of these lines:

Treatment Options

There are many approaches to reduce the amount of forehead lines (forehead wrinkles). Some of the effective procedures are neuromodulators, fillers, LASER, PRP and skin products.

A forehead Botox (neuromodulator) injection is a type of procedure that smoothens these horizontal lines. The injections aim to relax the muscles that cause these wrinkles to form. This treatment is more effective on dynamic lines which are created by movements and less effective for static lines.

Some clinicians also use dermal fillers to “fill up” these lines specially the ones are static and are not caused by movements.

Other treatments such PRP and LASER are also help to rejuvenate the skin of the region and this will reverse some of these lines.