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CBAM Clinic Lip Fillers

Mini Lip Package

  • Amazing package for beginner filler users
  • Perfect option for the patients who do not want big lips
  • A small refreshment in the look of the lips
  • “No one will find out that you had a lip filler
Mini Lip

Natural Lip Lift Package

  • Gentle and subtle augmentation of the lips
  • Amazing package if you want the lips look larger but still have the natural looking
  • Famous NLL technique (Non-surgical Lip Lift) by Dr. Harris (from UK)
  • Ideal package for male patients
Natural Lip(Lip Flip)

Russian Lip Package

  • Great package for juicy lips lovers
  • Creates a plumped and flipped lip with a good volume
  • Famous Russian lip technique
Russian Lip

Lip Flip

  • Gentle and subtle augmentation of the lips
  • Amazing package if you want the lips look larger but still have the natural looking
  • Famous NLL technique (Non-surgical Lip Lift) by Dr. Harris (from UK)
  • Ideal package for male patients

Reverse Lip Aging Package

  • Amazing package for more mature faces
  • This package makes the lip and face look more fresh
  • The wrinkles around the lips will soften or disappear
Reverse Lip Aging

After the eyes, lips are the second essential important and influential part in the attractiveness and beauty of the face. Beautification of the lips, in addition to increasing the attractiveness of the face will increase your self-confidence and in most cases is very effective in developing sexual attractions and improving your emotional and personal relationships.

The beauty of the lips is generally examined from two perspectives:
1. Shape and form of the lips
2. Proportion of the lips to other components of the face.

For beautification of the lips, the important point in designing the shape and form of the lips in harmony with all the other components of the face. Our experts are specifically trained to help you achieve this harmony.

Lip treatments

With the increasing advances in medical science, newer methods are being introduced to beautify the lips, which can have short-term or long-term results.

Filler Lip Injections: These material increase the volume of the lips to make them more beautiful. New fillers have a shorter durability (6 months to a year) but are way more safer.

Neurotoxin Injections: Neurotoxins such as Botox, Nuceiva or Dysport are used to relax the muscles in the face and smoothen the wrinkles. In the lips area, these injections are used either for the tiny wrinkles around the lips (Smoker’s line) or to relax the muscles in the corner of the lips to make a more smiley looking face. The result of these injections remain for about 5 to 9 months.


Does lip filler injection hurt?

After lip anesthesia and during the injection, you will have a very slight burning sensation, then a bit of pressure, and finally a very dull throbbing sensation. If the anesthesia is done properly, you should not feel severe pain. At the end of the day, if the injections are painful, they will be completely tolerable.

Do these treatments have side effects?

Like any other injection in the face, the possibility of allergic complications, pain during and after the injection, swelling and the possibility of bruising of the lips, and even the possibility of unwanted results such as lack of symmetry (disproportionate volume injection) should be considered. The physician’s experience and the correct injection technique combined with pre-injection clinical counseling will bring the clinical results closer to the patient’s wishes. We did our best to minimize these side effects at CBAM.

How long do the results last?

The durability of the filler varies depending on the characteristics of each person. Some people absorb the filler sooner. Generally, the durability of lip fillers is a bit less than other places such as the cheeks because the lips are always moving and this causes the filler to be absorbed faster. The expected time is between 6 months to one year.

What are the fillers made of?

The new fillers are hyaluronic acid, which is perfectly suitable for the lips.

Which package should I get?

If you are still not sure which package is right for you, fill out the online consultation form right now so that our experts can contact you and help you to choose wisely.