North York CBAM Clinic Branch

cbam clinic

Toronto CBAM Clinic

Unit 5F, 4773 Yonge St.
North York ON M2N 0G2


Prices of Services for Toronto Location:

$5.25 $4/Unit

Dermal Fillers:
$325 $250/Full syringe

PRP (for hair and face) with the needle:
$275 $199/session

PRP (for hair and face) with the microneedling:
$375 $299/session

IV Vitamin Drip
$120/ Session

$250/ Syringe

$149/ Session 

Chemical Peels
$149/ Session

Satisfaction Rate
Returning Patients
Number of visits
Number of injected neurotoxin units
Number of injected fillers
Number of supervising faculty
$ Saving compare to other cosmetic clinics

7 Reasons that makes the care different at CBAM Clinic as an “Academic Cosmetic Clinic”:

  1. Highly trained licensed physicians and nurses as a service provider:
    • The service providers go through hours of training to learn the process of assessment, treatment, complication management and after-care, under the supervision of best expert faculty and instructors.
  2. Patients are supervised by multiple levels of worldwide expert faculty:
    • All the expert instructors who supervise service providers are  readily able to consult their patients and cases with a large network of expert CBAM faculty who are the best in their field of expertise. Here is the list of CBAM faculty
  3. Most up-to-date treatments, methods, devices and techniques:
    • As the CBAM Clinic works very closely with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, is proud to have access to the most up-to-date research and knowledge in aesthetic medicine which is directly utilized during the treatment of our patients.
  4. All products and devices are 100% Health Canada approved:
    • As an academic cosmetic centre, we are proud that we only use the Health Canada approved products and devices, which is one of the reason that despite huge number of demand and clients in our centres, we have had a minimal rate of complications.
  5. The best follow up system in Canada:
    • Considering the fact that we as an academic and research centre would require to provide the best result for our patients, we need to follow up with them to track the results. This has created an environment for our patients to increase their level of satisfaction dramatically.
  6. Our prices are incredibly affordable:
    • As a nationwide clinic, we have managed to have many locations with a very large number of patients. This has assisted us to reduce our basic expenses dramatically in terms of staff management and also ordering bulk products and consumables. This has helped us keep our prices incredibly affordable. This is one of the many reasons that we have more than 93% rate of returning clients.
  7. Better outcomes and satisfaction rate for our patients:
    • All patients go through an extensive level of beautification and anti-aging assessment and consultation. After, they will be discussed the treatment plan which is designed based on the most up-to-date academic knowledge in the world of aesthetic. Then, the treatment is applied for the patient with most advanced techniques and technologies. At the end, the patient is tracked with a unique follow up system to make sure of the best possible result from the treatment. This process has created a great outcome of the treatments and a tremendous satisfaction rate for our patients.