Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift [ Complete Guide]

Are you a good candidate for Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift?

We are all aware of the amazing effect of eyebrows on the appearance of the face. Although the eyes are considered the gateway to the human soul, the eyebrows expose our inner feelings. In this article, we want to talk about ideal and attractive eyebrows and see how Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift can help the beauty of our faces and eyebrows.

The importance of beautifying eyebrows

The role of eyebrows in facial beauty and emotion transmission is often underestimated. However, in the performing arts and make-up, eyebrow effects are best used to convey emotions.

If you look at the movies, you will realize the importance of eyebrow shape and movements. For instance, the evil witch, who is the negative character of the story, has sharp eyebrows with a steep slope. On the opposite side, the protagonist is a girl with eyebrows far apart from her eyes to evoke her innocence and purity.

These eyebrow poses are great for movies, but in the real world, we try to achieve the “ideal eyebrows” with the help of various methods such as Botox injections.

Ideal eyebrows

Our definition of “ideal” eyebrows has changed aesthetically over time, and today there are several ways to design those “perfect eyebrows”. In general, to design the ideal eyebrows, we must pay attention to four essential factors:

  • Facial features. The musculoskeletal structure of the face has an important impact on the design of the eyebrows. By drawing lines and measuring the golden ratio in the structure of your face, your cosmetologist can determine the boundaries of the eyebrows that sit on your face.
  • Eyebrow features. Things like geometric shape and arch are important in correcting and beautifying eyebrows.
  • Your goal and plan. You are the one who is supposed to enjoy your eyebrows the most, and it is important what you have in mind.
  • Treatment method. We can use different methods to correct and beautify the eyebrows; like Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift. Each treatment method has its specific capabilities and effects on the face.

Eyebrow beautification methods

There are many ways to beautify eyebrows today; Such as waxing, bracing, tattoos, micro bleeding, laser hair removal, eyebrow implants, eyebrow lift surgery, and finally, the topic we are discussing is Botox Injection Eyebrows Lift. All of these methods, if used properly, will have a significant impact on the beauty of your eyebrows and your face.

Most young women beautify their eyebrows by referring to a hairdresser. The hairdresser does the beautification work by modifying the distribution of the eyebrow hairs. This may increase the risk of complications around the eyes and eyebrows, which cannot be corrected with the help of hairdressing methods, and you will need cosmetic medical methods.

Cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery

In the past, when we got to the point where hairdressers and cosmetic procedures were incapable of beautifying the eyebrows, we had to go straight to surgical procedures and had no choice. Traditionally, surgeons corrected the shape and structure of the eyebrows in addition to blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Surgery has good results, but it causes much pain for the patient.

Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift have not been very effective in the past, however, with advances in the production of high quality and safe botulinum toxins as well as improved injection techniques, many clients now no longer need surgery.

Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift

Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift

You might think that the shape of the eyebrows depends on the distribution of the eyebrow hairs in the eyebrow area. Of course, the distribution of hair is very important, but what has a more fundamental effect and is targeted by our needle when Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift area is the muscle. Several muscles in the eyebrow area affect the shape of the eyebrows. These include the following, which you can see in the image below:

  1. Forehead muscle
  2. Pyramidal muscle
  3. Wrinkle muscle
  4. Deadly ciliary muscle
  5. Part of the annular muscle of the eye

The effect of the eyebrow muscles is different. For example, when the pyramidal muscles contract, the eyebrows move to the middle of the face and down. As a result of this movement, a horizontal crease is created on the bridge of the nose. If the creasing and lowering muscles of the eyelashes contract, the eyebrows will move down and in the middle again, but this time vertical lines will form between the eyebrows (glabella).

Effect and function of Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin is a muscle paralysis toxin made by a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. This toxin is produced and marketed in advanced laboratories for therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Different brands produce botulinum toxin. In fact, “Botox” is one of the brands of this product, But botulinum toxin injection is known as Botox injection, and the two are considered equivalent.

Botulinum toxin temporarily and reversibly affects our muscles and nerves, causing muscle paralysis. Usually a few months after the botulinum toxin injection, the effects of the toxin disappear and your muscles become active again. At this time you should go to the clinic for a re-injection of Botox.

Are you a good candidate for Botox injections into your eyebrows?

Botox injections in any area are only recommended for adults over 18 years old. In general, men and women who have dynamic or moving frown lines will benefit the most from Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift. Drooping eyebrows, changes in the arch of the eyebrows, and symmetry problems are some of the problems that Botox can resolve.

In addition to Botox injections, you can use other eyebrow beautification methods such as micro bleeding, eyebrow implants, and anti-wrinkle creams, but be sure to consult your doctor about safe intervals between Botox injections and other cosmetic methods. Some of our clients also use Botox injections to remove the lines between the eyebrows and the eyebrow lift to achieve the best results, in addition to blepharoplasty surgery.

Before Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift, you will have a consultation with the clinic specialist and all the possible benefits and risks of the treatment will be discussed with you. These are very important things; because the suitable candidate for any treatment and beauty method is a person who has realistic and correct expectations from that method.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are not a good candidate for Botox injections. Botox injections can harm an infant or fetus.

Effects of Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift

Botox injections into the eyebrow area are used for three main purposes:

  • Elimination of frown lines. The muscles of the eyebrow area are responsible for creating wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose. Therefore we can use Botox injections to remove these lines.
  • Eyebrow lift. By paralyzing the deadly muscles of the lower eyebrows, we can raise the eyebrows.
  • Correcting the shape of the eyebrows. If there is an asymmetry or apparent problem in the area of ​​your eyebrows, we can correct these disorders by injecting Botox into the eyebrows.

Remove frown lines

Frowning lines form when the lower eyebrow muscles contract. These muscles cause the eyebrows to move toward the middle of the face and down. Frown lines include vertical lines in the area between the eyebrows and horizontal lines on the bridge of the nose that result from the movement of the deadly muscles of the eyebrows.

In the picture above, you can see a schematic shape of the eyebrow muscles. The pyramidal muscle is shown in the middle with PR and on the sides, the ciliary killer muscle is seen, which is indicated by DS. The crease muscle is also C-marked and passes diagonally below the initial half of the eyebrow. These muscles cause facial lines in the eyebrow area and drooping eyebrows, and when Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift, we must target all three of these muscles.

In the picture above, the numbers you see show the injection site and the number of Botox units needed to remove the lines between the eyebrows in this 38-year-old patient. 28 units of Botox have been used to completely erase the frown lines of this patient.

An important point of removing frown lines with the help of Botox

To remove frown lines with Botox, it is essential to know the anatomy of the area, and the wrong injection can make your face numb and numb. Be sure to see your doctor for Botox injections in any area of ​​the face. Because only doctors have the necessary anatomical and clinical knowledge.

The shape and strength of the folding, pulling, and pyramidal muscles vary from person to person. Your doctor should carefully examine the muscles in the area before injecting Botox. For example, in some patients, the lower lash muscle is thin and long, extending to the middle of the eyebrow. For these patients, we should consider the external range of injections further back. On the other hand, in some patients, the same triangular muscle is thick and small, and we do not need to deviate too much to the sides of the eyebrows.

To significantly raise or lift eyebrows, we need to inject Botox in two areas:

  • Eyebrow lowering muscles in the area between the eyebrows – This injection eliminates the frown lines and raises the eyebrows. Muscle paralysis of this part has the greatest effect on eyebrow lift.
  • The tail (side end) of the eyebrow – This injection causes the tail of the eyebrow to move outwards and upwards. Usually, injections in the tail of the eyebrows cause 1 to 2 mm more lift.

Treatment of eyebrow asymmetry

Eyebrow asymmetry is a common problem and can be corrected by Botox injections. In most patients, we try to raise the lower eyebrow to a higher eyebrow level. We do this by injecting Botox in the area between the eyebrows and paralyzing the eyebrow lowering muscles.

If one of the eyebrows has a clear apex and is very high:

  • We can inject about two units of Botox into the forehead muscle
  • lower the eyebrow apex and
  • correct the asymmetry.

Sometimes asymmetry can occur during an eyebrow lift. In this case, we can easily correct this asymmetry with a little more injection, and there is no need to worry.

Side effects and risks of Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift

Botox injection is one of the safest and most widely used rejuvenation methods. Despite all that, there are complications you need to know. You may experience slight redness, inflammation, swelling, or bruising at the injection site after the injection. They will disappear within a week at most.

The side effects of Botox injections are mostly seen in its therapeutic uses. The side effects of Botox injections are mild in cosmetic applications and are rarely seen. These side effects include:

  • Headache
  • the pain
  • numb

Serious side effects of Botox injections are very rare, but because they are dangerous, we have discussed them in this section. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  2. Drooping eyebrows or eyelids
  3. Difficulty swallowing or swallowing
  4. Change in the form of speaking

Post eyebrows Botox injection

Care recommendations

After Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift area, be sure to follow the following recommendations, otherwise, the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced:

  • You should keep your head straight for up to 4 hours and do not lie down.
  • For the first 2 hours, you should contract and move the muscles in the area between the eyebrows almost every minute. The effect of muscle movements on the effectiveness of Botox is not exactly known, but experience has shown that by doing these contractions, Botox is better absorbed by the muscles.


One of the reasons many people prefer Botox injections to eyebrow lift surgery is that it is painless and safe. Unlike surgical procedures, you can go home, work, or college right after your Botox injection and get back to your normal activities. However, the American Dermatological Association (AAD) recommends that you rest for at least 2 hours and do not go to work.

Durability of effects

Botox injections last an average of 3 to 4 months, according to the American Dermatological Association. Botox lasts for about half a year for some clients.

cost of botox eyebrow lift

The cost of botox eyebrow lift depends on two general factors:

  • Botox brand. American and European brands are the most expensive. Korean brands and then Iranian and Chinese brands are in the next ranks in terms of price.
  • Injection units. For a complete treatment of eyebrows (between the eyebrows and the outer parts) about 30 to 50 units of Botox is needed.

Contact us for more information about the price of the best brand of Botox. Our experts will guide you as soon as possible.


I have injected more than 25 units of Botox in the eyebrow area, but my eyebrows have not changed. Why?

Eyebrow muscles in some clients are resistant to the paralytic effect of Botox. In most cases, it can be solved by injecting a few more units of Botox.

I have had Botox on my eyebrows and I have drooping eyelids. Is it normal?

In the past, drooping eyelids were seen in about 2-3% of those who had Botox eyebrows. If your doctor is proficient in new Botox injection techniques, the chances are less than 1%. At Cbam Clinic, eyelid drooping has never happened to our clients.

I have deep frown lines between my eyebrows. Can it be treated with Botox?

The best time to use Botox is when the facial lines are not yet deep and can not be seen at rest. The effect of Botox is reduced when deep wrinkles appear on the skin. The purpose of Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift is more to prevent the deepening and increase of facial lines. Once the lines are deep, it is better to use Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift, prevent the lines from getting deeper, and fill in the wrinkles using gel or fat injection. These will remove all the signs of aging from your skin.

I am not satisfied with the result of Botox at all, why do my eyebrows not look good?

Two main reasons can be considered for dissatisfaction with the results of beauty treatments:

One is the unreasonable expectation of the therapist from that treatment method, and the other is the low skill and experience of the treating physician. If you think you have a realistic expectation of Botox injections, this is probably a problem for your doctor. The skill and technique of Botox injection are very important. This is why the results of Botox injections in the clinic are usually much better than injections by non-physicians (such as hairdressers).

How long does Botox last?

In the initial injections, we expect the Botox effect to last on average between 3 and 4 months. Over time, with more injections, the muscles in the area become weak. This will make the result of Botox injection into the eyebrows better in terms of beauty and longer-lasting.

How effective is Botox Injection Eyebrow Lift?

The muscles of the eyebrow area are small and delicate. That is why Botox injections are effective in this area. However, you should note that Botox is a temporary injection and the effect of botulinum toxin disappears after a while, and you should return for the injection.