When Botox not working, What to Do? Best solution

Botox is a treatment for wrinkles and skin lines, which often has positive results. Despite the high effectiveness of Botox in removing wrinkles, in some cases, we may see Botox not working.

There is often disagreement about how long it takes to see the full effects of Botox injections on the face. It is normal to want to see results immediately, but it takes a few days for the final result to be known. Even if you do not see results right now, there are no side effects to the treatment and no one will notice the injection on the face. You can go about your business or life as if nothing had happened. You must consider talking to your doctor if Botox is not working after a few weeks.

But treatment works quickly: In most cases, 80 to 90 percent of the full effect of the injection can be seen over a period of four days to a week. Sometimes the injection works faster (after two to three days). But the fact is that patients have to wait two full weeks to see the full effect of injections on their wrinkles. The last 20% of the injection effect may occur during those last days, and we usually do not want to exaggerate the effect, which can make the face look stiff and swollen.

The reason why Botox not working is due to various factors. Choosing a professional beauty clinic and specialist doctor, the amount and method of Botox injection and the type of wrinkles are among the factors influencing Botox injections. But in addition to these cases, other factors can make Botox not working, which we will discuss later.

Botox not working on forehead 

botox not working on forehead

It is better to know before we state the problem what is botox? Botox injections are a treatment method to eliminate wrinkles. The raw material for Botox is a toxin called botulinum, which is a bacterium that paralyzes muscles. Botox, due to botulinum toxin, temporarily paralyzes facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles.

It is interesting to know that this bacterium is the same toxin in canned fish that can be deadly if not boiled. But do not worry, botulinum toxin is only dangerous when it enters the bloodstream. In Botox injection, this toxin is injected under the skin and has therapeutic applications. By injecting Botox into the forehead, the muscles of the target area relax and thus the skin lines are eliminated but sometimes this injection may not work.

why is my Botox not working?

In most cases, the effects of Botox are visible a few hours after the injection. However, in some cases, the effect of Botox on the wrinkles may take several days. But there are a few cases where Botox does not work on the patient’s face. In these cases, despite the Botox injection, the wrinkles still remain on the face.

In such cases, patients complain that my Botox is not working. Why a substance that is highly effective in removing wrinkles does not affect the face of some people. Many clients ask us questions like:

  • Botox not working after 1 month
  • Botox not working after a week
  • Botox not working after 7 days
  • Botox not working after 3 days
  • Botox not working after 5 days

In response, it should be said that Botox not working is due to various factors. The most important of these factors are:

Type of facial wrinkles:

Not all wrinkles respond equally to Botox because the type of skin is affected by Botox. There are generally two types of wrinkles on the face, which are:

Dynamic wrinkles: Lines that appear only when the facial muscles are moving are dynamic wrinkles. Like wrinkles that appear when frowning or smiling. Dynamic wrinkles are easily removed with Botox. So, the reason of Botox not working on frown lines should be the other factors.

Static wrinkles: include lines and wrinkles that are always present and static. These types of wrinkles are present even when the muscles are not moving. The folds of the nose and mouth are usually static. Static wrinkles do not respond to Botox injections. These types of lines need other treatment methods to be removed, such as filling with filler. Therefore, sometimes the reason why Botox does not work is due to the presence of static wrinkles that do not respond to Botox.

Why Botox doesn’t work on wrinkles around the lips (static wrinkles)?

why is my botox not working

Static wrinkles are not removed by Botox injections. Because these types of wrinkles are not compatible with the function of Botox. To understand more, we will give a brief explanation about the function of Botox.

Botox contains a substance that paralyzes nerve cells and prevents muscle movement. Because the nerve cell is paralyzed, the cell cannot execute the command to move the muscle. Wrinkles are removed when the muscle remains motionless. This way, no wrinkles will form on the skin until the effect of Botox is removed.

Static wrinkles cannot be treated with Botox because they are fixed on the face without any movement. People who inject Botox to remove static wrinkles do not get results. Because no matter how much Botox stops the movement of the muscle, the wrinkles will remain. Because these wrinkles are not caused by muscle movement, but are fixed on the face.

Therefore, the type of wrinkles can be a reason for Botox not working. In this case, to fill static and fixed folds, methods such as filling with filler should be used. The filler can fill in these types of wrinkles and erase them from the skin. But Botox injections have no effect on static wrinkles.

Botox injection rate and dilution

Sometimes the reason for the ineffectiveness of Botox is due to the improper amount of its injection. If the Botox substance is too dilute, it will cause the substance to move too much under the skin and may cause problems for the patient. Excessive concentration of Botox also makes it ineffective. Because the high concentration of this substance causes it to accumulate in one spot of the skin and makes it ineffective.

These days, many beauty salons also inject Botox for their clients. Some such centers may charge even lower prices to attract customers. While many of these people are not qualified to inject Botox because they do not know how much Botox to inject into the affected area.

Increasing or decreasing the amount of Botox is effective on the result. Therefore, we recommend that you leave any cosmetic and restorative surgery to experienced and specialized doctors in this field. Botox injections are also one of the most sensitive cosmetic surgeries that should be performed in reputable centers to prevent possible complications.

Improper injection of Botox

In many cases, the reason why Botox does not work is due to its incorrect injection. There are several ways to inject Botox. People who are new to Botox injections may not get the injection the right way. Beauty salons are among the centers that may make mistakes in Botox injections. Because people who do this in salons are not trained in body anatomy. These people are only briefly trained on how to inject. This causes Botox not working on forehead because of the special anatomy of the forehead.

While dermatologists and hair doctors with full familiarity with the principles of medicine and body anatomy inject Botox. A skilled and experienced doctor knows what substance and how much Botox to inject for each patient. That is why Botox injections are very important in reputable clinics. If you value your beauty, be sure to do Botox injections and any other cosmetic surgery in reputable clinics.

Production of antibodies in the body

In some patients, Botox is not effective due to the production of antibodies in their body. As mentioned earlier, Botox is a bacterial toxin. This toxin is the raw material of Botox that is injected under the skin to remove wrinkles. In some cases, the patient may have produced antibodies to this bacterium in the body, in which case Botox will not work.

It is not bad to explain the concept of antibody to you with an example. When you get the flu virus, your immune system tries to make antibodies against the virus. Antibodies help your body fight the virus and the next time it can kill the virus.

Botox injections can also cause antibodies in your body. If your body produces antibodies to Botox, your body will disable the effect of Botox. For this reason, Botox injections do not eliminate your wrinkles, because in these conditions, Botox does not affect your face.

Quality of Botox

Another issue that may affect the result and lead to Botox not working is the quality of Botox itself. It is important that you pay a lot of money for a Botox with what quality in a beauty service center. The quality of a Botox will directly affect the quality of your beauty and the longevity of your beauty, so it is better to get this service from a reputable center.

How to ensure the effectiveness of Botox?

why is botox not working

As mentioned, the reason why Botox does not work is due to various factors. But the most important factor in the success of Botox injections is the expertise of the doctor. Choosing the right clinic can get you what you want. Getting advice from skilled and experienced doctors will have a huge impact on the success of your surgery. Skilled doctors advise patients by examining each person’s specific conditions. In this way, your doctor will suggest the option that is more suitable for you.

In addition, the doctor with his expertise and skill injects the exact amount of Botox for you. The doctor’s expertise in this field makes this surgery to be performed with the most effectiveness and the least complications.

Signs that your injection was not done correctly and Botox not working

In some cases, as a result of the injection, people’s faces are very stable and act like a doll. In fact, a person loses the ability to express any emotion in his face. This indicates that you have not been injected with the proper dose of Botox.

Also, in some cases, instead of having your eyelids and eyebrows long and clean, you may experience drooping eyelids or Botox not working between eyebrows, which indicates that the Botox has not been injected in the right place.

Sometimes the eyebrows are raised so high that the angle of view of people is so dazzling that it destroys part of a person’s beauty. When Botox is injected more than the required amount, the face becomes gloomy. Especially at the price of eyebrows and forehead because this gel causes heaviness.

In some cases, when Botox does not have the right quality for this operation, severe physical effects may occur on the person. These include: runny nose, incontinence, blurred vision and headache, and nausea.

What is the solution?

To have a good and healthy injection, all factors such as the expertise of the person doing the injection, the amount of product, the quality of the product, the anatomy of the person’s body, the method of injection and many other things will be important. We need to know that beauty cannot be achieved under any circumstances and at any cost. Because beauty services, if they make the slightest mistake, can cause many problems that cannot be compensated.

Botox alone is very useful and can not cause any disease or complication. But a dermatologist needs to know that the injection should be done at the right dose and at the right depth of skin. High doses of Botox can cause severe symptoms and also if the product is injected superficially and too deeply, it cannot have the effect it should have on the facial muscles.

A specialist needs to know what concentration of Botox to inject into the facial muscles. Because if Botox is too dilute, it will move easily under the skin and cause Botox not working. Also, if the Botox is too thick, it will not move under the skin as much as we would like, and it will gather together and cause the skin to stretch.

In some cases, incorrect injection of the Botox can lead to drooping eyelids, eyebrows and cheeks, which can be very difficult to compensate.