Treatments: Chemical peel

Chemical peels can greatly kill dead skin cells and give your skin clarity. In this technique, a special chemical is applied to the skin, which causes peeling of the outer surfaces. Following this technique, the skin becomes brighter and regains its radiance.

The new skin that is replaced with peeling has less wrinkles and is softer than before. Chemical peels are usually done on the skin of the face, neck and hands.

In short, peeling includes two types: superficial and deep. In the superficial method, the consumed materials penetrate the superficial part of the skin (epidermis). In the deep method, the material penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Fill out CBAM clinic anti-aging consultation form and Depending on the purpose and discretion of our physicians, a superficial or deep method is selected.

Chemical peel Indications

  • Epidermal defects such as melasma or pregnancy spots
  • Freckles
  • Increased skin melanin pigments after severe inflammation such as burns and…. Which is called hyperpigmentation.
  • Severe acne that causes deep pimples.
  • Scar wounds
  • Shrinking and shrinking open pores, controlling sebum secretion and regulating skin oil, especially in people with thin and oily skin.
  • Rejuvenates and brighten the skin, especially in people who have a history of various stresses and long depressions, or most importantly for people who have recently suffered from the grief and accident of the death of a close relative. This method along with other complementary services is very effective.

Chemical peel Benefits

Chemical peels can greatly regenerate your skin. It can largely get rid of dead skin cells and restore beauty and youth. Here are some benefits of chemical peels:

  • Reduce lines and lines on the face in areas such as under the eyes and laugh line
  • Possibility to eliminate fine wrinkles caused by sunlight or aging.
  • Healing old scars and wounds caused by acne and surgical sutures.
  • Possibility of treating subcutaneous and inflamed pimples
  • Chemical peel can eliminate blemishes, freckles and skin discoloration caused by pregnancy and overexposure to direct sunlight.

If chemical peeling is done by an expert, it can increase your confidence and beauty of your skin.

Upper Face Wrinkle Removal

Forehead Lines, Frown Lines, Crow's Feet Lines

Lip Fillers

Mini Lip, Russian Lip, Lip Flip

Cheek and Laugh Line Fillers

Chemical peel Complications

Complications of skin peeling include dark or light spots, skin burns, skin allergies and the activation of some skin diseases. Protecting from direct sunlight from areas that have been chemically peeled is mandatory. Chemical peels are not recommended for people with heart problems.

However, before performing this procedure, inform our specialists about the history of your specific diseases and medical records.

Chemical peel Contraindications

Some of the people mentioned below should not use this method. Finally, the decision to do or not to do this procedure is the responsibility of consulting physicians:

  • Have a history of scarring or abnormal skin lesions
  • Dark natural spots on the skin
  • Discoloration of skin pigments due to deep scars
  • People who have had serious acne and pimple treatments in the past year

Medications and ointments make the skin overly sensiti


Which season is more suitable for chemical peeling?

The best season for chemical peeling is autumn and winter. Because the day is shorter and less sun and colder weather is useful for the person.

Who is chemical peeling more suitable for?

The best people to do this treatment are white women. Of course, men can also benefit from this method, but men’s skin is more resistant to the penetration of chemicals due to its greater thickness. The thing about peeling wheaten and darker skins is that there is a higher risk of side effects.

How many times can I get chemical peeling?

Superficial peeling can be repeated several times (once every 6 weeks), but deep peeling is not done more than twice a year. Due to the depth of penetration of chemicals in deep peeling, the side effects of this method are even more likely.

Upper Face Wrinkle Removal

Forehead Lines, Frown Lines, Crow's Feet Lines

Lip Fillers

Mini Lip, Russian Lip, Lip Flip

Cheek and Laugh Line Fillers