Conditions: Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the problems that affects both men and women of different ages. This hair loss can have many causes. Some are caused by treatable problems, and some cannot be treated yet.

We all lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs per day. The shed hair is normally replaced with new hair strands and the hair density remains constant. If the balance between growth and hair loss is disturbed, that is, hair loss increases or hair growth stops, it is generally said that the person has hair loss. So, we all lose hair, but hair loss is a condition that reduces the density of hair.

Most of the time, hair loss occurs gradually and we do not notice it until the density of the hair on the scalp is significantly reduced. The time to start treatment is very important in preventing hair loss (and almost all health problems). This means that the sooner you treat your hair loss, the more likely it is that the treatment will be effective.

Hair loss causes

To treat hair loss, it is necessary to identify the causes of this problem. Men are more prone to male pattern baldness and women are more likely to have hair thinning. Hair loss may have temporary causes such as lack of nutrients and vitamins, stress and physical stress or permanent causes such as genetics and …. However, various causes such as stress, pregnancy, protein deficiency, heredity, female hormones, anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin B deficiency, autoimmune diseases, severe weight loss, chemotherapy, polycystic ovary syndrome, consumption of some Medications, aging, and the use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding can cause hair loss.

Hair loss treatment methods

There are several treatments for hair loss. Hair transplantation by FIT and FUT methods, various medical treatments, mesotherapy, laser therapy, PRP, etc. are among the types of these treatment methods. Prior to any action, a specialist in this field should be consulted. Fill out CBAM clinic anti-aging consultation form to start your hair loss treatment and stop losing your hair.

In hair loss treatment counseling, the causes of hair loss are examined and by taking action to solve the main problem, a treatment method suitable for each person is suggested to the patient.

In hair mesotherapy, by injecting a combination of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients needed for the hair follicles along with hormones and some plant substances, hair growth is stimulated and the hair follicles are strengthened.


Is hair loss inherited?

This question cannot be answered conclusively. Hair loss can be hereditary or non-hereditary. In hereditary hair loss, hair begins to fall from the forehead to the scalp or crown. This condition is manifested in the form of baldness in men and in women with a thinning of the hair, so that the scalp and labia are visible. Hair loss in women is inherited when it is not accompanied by pimples, excess hair and menstrual disorders because in this case it can have a hormonal cause. Sometimes all the hair falls out or loses volume. In this case, there are other causes that need to be investigated.

Is the effect of mesotherapy & PRP permanent?

No – the longevity of mesotherapy is not permanent and needs to be repaired. Therefore, you should re-treat every once in a while, and at short intervals.

Is hair mesotherapy & PRP forbidden for some people?

No – This method is suitable and effective for all people with any hair and skin type. The solution is prepared and injected according to the type of skin and hair of each patient individually.

When are the results of hair mesotherapy & PRP determined?

The results of this methods will be visible at different times depending on the physical condition of each person. But often after three sessions the changes are tangible. However, in some patients we will see the results of treatment after the first session.


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