What Is Russian Lip Technique? Everything About It

Russian lip technique is one of the most popular techniques in beauty clinics. In this article, we will discuss:

  • What are Russian lips?
  • What is Russian lip technique?
  • Russian lip filler technique implementation method
  • The results of the Russian filler lips
  • Comparison of Russian lip technique with other methods.

Russians are one of the nations known in the world for their beauty. One of the things that catch the eye in the appearance of Russians is the Russian doll lips of these people. Russian clinics are at the forefront of cosmetic injections, and the Russian lip technique of these specialists are taught by Russian doctors to colleagues in other countries.

Russian lip filler technique gives women a look similar to attractive Russian models. In Russian lip technique, the focus is on marking the lip lines.

Beauty is attractive for all people, especially women, and having a beautiful face increases people’s self-confidence. One of the most popular procedures is using lip fillers and Lip augmentation to make your lips more beautiful. This is done with different materials and different methods. In the following, we are going to introduce and review one of the attractive and popular methods of this work, which is Russian lip filler technique.

What is the Russian lip technique?

What is the Russian lip technique
What is the Russian lip technique

Russian lip technique increases the volume of the lips. At the same time, the delicacy of this technique is such that in the end, the lips are not too inflated. This method can give people a look similar to natural models.

In the Russian lip technique, small drops of fillers are injected into the area of ​​the upper lip line and its corner. This method is especially effective for people with small upper lips.

If you want to inject lip filler with the Russian lip filler technique to make your lips more beautiful, be sure to consult your doctor before choosing the method. Your doctor will usually choose the best and most appropriate method for you based on your facial expressions and details such as the size of your eyes, nose, and so on. In addition, be sure to do this in reputable centers and clinics so that the result of the work ends more beautifully on your face and leads to your satisfaction.

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Russian lip technique vs normal

To choose the volume and style of injection, we usually pay attention to the shape of the face, the size of the eyes, and the nose, often after consulting the applicant’s decision changes. Russian lip filler technique usually makes the lips much larger than the eyes and is usually not recommended for clients with small eyes or large lips. In general, fine injection is more natural based on our experience and has a more satisfactory result for the applicant.

How to do Russian lip technique?

How to do Russian lip technique
How to do Russian lip technique

Like any other procedure, the doctor must inject the volumizing agent very carefully, and patience and calm will be necessary to create the perfect result. Russian lip filler technique takes an average of thirty minutes to an hour. The exact duration of the filler injection depends on the amount of volume injected and the volume of lip tissue.

Is Russian lip technique painful?

If you are one of those people who have never had a lip filler injection or have not tried the Russian lip filler technique, you may be worried about the pain of Russian lip technique. The important thing is that this type of injection does not cause any pain. In this method, fewer entry points are used to inject the volumizing substance, and only one injection is made at the lip border, so in this case, the pain is minimized.

Increasing lip volume is a solution to become more attractive

Russian lip filler trend
Russian lip filler trend

The volume injection is usually done without injecting a large amount of anesthesia. The lightness of the injection method and the small number of injection sites make the person not suffer any pain or have no feelings during treatment.

Non-use of anesthetics is one of the main advantages of this method because anesthesia can affect the swelling of the lips and cause asymmetry of the final result of the injection. In addition, not using substances can minimize the rest time after the injection. Usually, lidocaine is used simultaneously, and this makes the method pain-free.

What individuals are suitable for using Russian lip technique?

If the person has not used lip injections before, Russian lip technique is an attractive offer and can create a special look on the face. People who have used a volumizer before should remove the previously injected material two weeks before the injection using the methods recommended by the doctor.

Is Russian lip technique bad?

Is Russian lip technique bad?
Is Russian lip technique bad?

If you want the upper lip to stand out more than usual and the upper lip frame to be bold, choose the Russian lip filler technique. Otherwise, if you are interested in more natural lips, we recommend the fine technique, which gives a more natural and uniform result.

Russian filler lips brings a lot of charm for your face, but as mentioned, it should be chosen according to the shape of your face. That is why you should consult a doctor in this regard.

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Why should the previous lip volumizer be removed?

The Russian lip technique requires that it should be no other volumizing material around the lip border. This is important because the injection will have the best effect on the shape of the lips.

Usually, the result of injecting the Russian lip filler technique is two large lips with a recognizable distance between the two lips, which is attractive to some applicants, but in the eyes of many others, it is not natural and can be selected for a limited number of faces.

after care russian lips

In addition to removing the previous volume, it is better to talk to your doctor before doing work if you have a specific underlying disease. Because in the first stage, your health is more important than anything, and then you should seek to use cosmetic methods, including russian lips filler injections. Checking your health before work will make sure your doctor makes sure you are not allergic and will inject you with lip filler with confidence.

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How much Russian lip filler is needed?

For a person who intends to inject fillers for the first time, there is a minimum and maximum amount of fillers for each part of the face, and it is completely relative. The approximate amount is not specified in any reference. Two factors determine how much filler each person needs for each area of ​​the face.

The first is the purpose of injecting fillers. Second, your cosmetologist should have thought about the anatomy of your face and the coordination of your facial features after the filler injection. In general, the injection of one cc of filler is the lowest amount of lip filler injection.

Do you need a special rest after Russian lip technique?

This procedure may require more rest time after the lip filler injection than other conventional methods, as more remarkable swelling (and in some cases bruising) develops after the procedure. This swelling or bruising should not be a concern and usually goes away without any problems. Here are some tips to help you get rid of acne scars:

  1. Avoid eating any food until the anesthetic used is completely gone, as not feeling it can damage your lips.
  2. After injecting lip fillers, it is better to use ice packs for a few days.
  3. Use vitamin D.
  4. It is better to use anticoagulants because of the increase in blood flow to the lips.
  5. Avoid extreme heat.
  6. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  7. Do not do strenuous exercise.

Most importantly, it takes two to three weeks for your lips to return to normal. That is why you have to be patient to see the desired result.

How long does the Russian lip technique last?

how long does the russian lip technique last
how long does the russian lip technique last

This treatment maintains its effect to the extent that the use of other methods of increasing the volume of the lips can maintain the condition of the lips. The Russian lip filler technique is no different from other treatments in terms of the time of action.

Note that depending on the type and brand of the filler used for injection, it may last from 6 months to a year. Better brands will last longer and take longer to repair.

Of course, these materials will also have a higher price. It is better to use higher quality materials and see a more lasting result by paying more.

Russian lip technique cost

The cost of Russian lip technique is determined according to various factors, including the type of clinic, the doctor’s experience, and the materials. The price of different types of fillers varies depending on the brand.

If you are also planning to get Russian lip technique, be sure to research this method before and get the desired result by referring to reputable centers and trained doctors with experience. Russian lip technique is one of the attractive types of filler injection.

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