Xeomin Aftercare – Pre & Post Treatment instructions

Xeomin is a type of botulinum toxin type A. In fact, Xeomin is a pure neurotoxin that prevents muscle contraction. As you know, muscle contraction is the cause of wrinkles. Usually after injecting this toxin, you may experience side effects such as bruising. In this article, we will talk about Xeomin aftercare.

Xeomin aftercare

It can be said that there is no extra protein in this type of neurotoxin. In fact, this type of neurotoxin does not require protein that is unnecessary to be effective. It is noteworthy that it is Health Canada-approved and Xeomin has said that it is a pure toxin and has very few side effects. The best way to get the best results an avoid complications after the injection is a good Xeomin post care.

This neurotoxin can be used for the lines between the eyebrows and the lines caused by the frown. It can also be used on areas such as elbows, toes, hands and wrists that are affected. One of the significant benefits of Xeomin is that it can treat problems that are specific to the eye muscle. In this article we will mostly talk about Xeomin aftercare and Xeomin aftercare instructions.

Xeomin pre care

Xeomin aftercare instructions

The most important thing to do when deciding to inject Botox or Xeomin is to do enough research and find an experienced doctor. Once you have found the doctor you are looking for, ask him or her about the type of product he or she is using, why he or she is using the product, and how to inject, and ask him or her to explain the method used to inject the product.

Once you are sure of your doctor’s skills and experience, you can begin the treatment process. Xeomin injection is a very sensitive procedure and you should see a doctor who is well acquainted with the anatomy of the face and also has a good history in the field of facial wrinkles. Before starting the treatment process, you should talk to your doctor about your goal of treatment so that the doctor can have a complete view of your goals and ideas.

What to expect after Xeomin

Usually about 3 to 4 days after the injection you can see the disappearance of your frown line or wrinkles. It generally takes about a week to 30 days for you to see the final results. The results will last about 3 months, which in some people it will be more or less.

Why is Xeomin aftercare important?

In Xeomin injections, the injection method, technique of the physician, the injection material and Xeomin aftercare is also important. When you follow the Xeomin aftercare instructions, both the survival rate and the success rate of this method will reach the highest level. Xeomin injections are a safe and uncomplicated method that if not taken care of properly; the longevity of this operation is reduced and the desired and expected results may not be seen.

Xeomin post treatment instructions

xeomin post treatment instructions
xeomin post treatment instructions

The goal of Xeomin post treatment instructions is to improve the desired results and reduce therapeutic side effects. It can also minimize the risk of bruising and spreading to other areas and ptosis or drooping eyelids. So take Xeomin after care seriously.

In general, the day you inject Xeomin, it is best to:

After an hour, exercise your face slowly, for example, laugh, frown and raise your eyebrows.

Avoid touching, rubbing or physically squeezing the injected area for up to four hours.

Xeomin injections do not require recovery time. Therefore, you do not have to leave your place of work or study. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the injection.

If you have had Xeomin injections on your face, do not apply makeup for 24 hours. Using makeup, the skin is rubbed and potentially dispersed with toxins.

Sit in your seat for the first 4 hours after taking Xeomin and hold your head perfectly perpendicular to your neck, bending over or lying down may spread the toxin and cause bruising.

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Avoid sun exposure for at least 4 hours. The heat can increase your blood pressure, which can cause bruising. For added safety, avoid direct sunlight for 24 to 48 hours.

Redness, tenderness and swelling are common after Xeomin injections. These side effects usually go away in 1 day.

Bruising is also possible. You can use an ice pack for relief. The bruising should go away in about 2 weeks.

But if you notice any of the following effects, call your doctor. Although these side effects are rare, it is important to call your doctor right away.

  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Difficulty swallowing
  3. Difficulty speaking
  4. Difficult breathing
  5. Poor bladder control
  6. Change in vision

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What not to do after Xeomin

What not to do after Xeomin
What not to do after Xeomin

The most frequently asked question is What not to do after Xeomin?

  • After 4 hours of injection, if you intend to sleep, you should not sleep on your back or face at all.
  • Wearing hats or clothes that completely cover the forehead should be avoided as an important Xeomin post care. Such clothing puts pressure on areas such as the forehead and may spread Xeomin to other areas.
  • Washing the injection sites should be strictly avoided for 24 hours.

These are the most important issues xeomin aftercare!

Can you lay down after Xeomin injection?

After 4 hours of injection, if you intend to sleep, you should not sleep on your back or face at all.

How long after Xeomin can I work out?

If exercise is part of your daily routine, wait at least 24 hours to exercise. Your doctor may suggest that you wait a few days more.

Physical activity increases blood flow. This can potentially transfer the toxin to unwanted areas and reduce its effectiveness at the injection site. It also increases the risk of bruising.

Exercise also contracts your muscles, which may reduce the effects of the toxin.

However, doing facial exercises like the following is safe:

– to frown

– Laugh

– Raising eyebrows

These movements can help show the effects of Xeomin sooner. In this article, we introduce you to Xeomin, a toxin that can prevent muscle contraction (reduce wrinkles). We learned about Xeomin aftercare. We hope you find this article useful. By following the instructions, you can easily take the necessary care.