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  • All our expert doctors and nurses are Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine
  • All our products are Health Canada approved.

(Botox®, Dysport®, Nuceiva®)

1. Unlimited Upper face Beauty Program:
$950/year $699/year
Unlimited treatments of forehead, between the eyes (Glabella region), and Crow’s feet*

* There is no limit for the numbers of the unit in each session based on the patient’s needs and the discretion of the medical director. You must have at least 3 month intervals between the sessions of treatments unless you need a touch up/correction of the previous treatment within 3 weeks from the previous treatment.

2. Other areas of face: $5.99/unit

Dermal Fillers
(Restylane®, Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Stylage®, Revanesse®)

1. Welcome First Filler:
full syringe

2. Second filler and more:
$475 to $599

(depends on the level of your membership)


1. Welcome First PRP:

2. Second PRP and more:
$399 to $599

(depends on the level of your membership)

IV Drips

One session: $120/session
5 sessions: $99/session
10 sessions: $79/session

Filler and PRP treatments for the 2nd and more will be calculated based on the level of membership:

Silver members
($0 to $2000 purchase/year)

Gold members
($2001 to $5000 purchase/year)

Platinum members
( >$5000 purchase/year)


(2nd syringe and after)

$599/full syringe$525/full syringe$475/full syringe


(2nd session and after)

Skin Booster$550/full syringe$499/full syringe$449/full syringe
Beauty Booster
(Redensity 1 )
$550/full syringe$499/full syringe$449/full syringe

All prices are plus applicable taxes.