Skinbooster® is a new technology to improve skin consistency, hydrate skin, improve surface wrinkles, mini-lift, brighten skin and ultimately improve the quality and rejuvenate the skin without increasing the volume. Skinbooster® with different concentrations of hyaluronic acid is injected into the surface layers of the skin and act as a moisturizer.

Skinbooster® can be used for all parts of the face and body, such as the neck and back of the hand. One of the most used areas for skinbooster® is the treatment of superficial wrinkles around the eyes, which leads to excellent results.

  • Usually, the initial result of the skinbooster®treatment will be visible immediately after the injection, but it will take 48 hours to reach the final result.
  • The durability of the skinbooster® varies between 6 to 9 months and after this period it will disappear completely over time.
  • In order to increase the durability of the effects and increase the rejuvenating results, it is necessary to repeat the treatment many times under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
  • Treatment of facial wrinkles, Increases skin elasticity, quality and freshness and radiance

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