Upper face Botox / Dysport

  • It is one of the minimally invasive methods of skin rejuvenation and a safe and effective way to eliminate wrinkles
  • Most common cosmetic treatment performed in the cosmetic clinics
  • Almost every individual over the age of 25 needs this treatment either for softening the wrinkles or for postponing the aging process
  • Botox injections cause temporary paralysis of the muscles

Upper face Botox / Dysport

  • A full rejuvenation of upper face including Forehead, Glabella and Crow’s feet
  • Gets rid of upper face wrinkles & makes you look much younger
  • Have smoother and fresher skin and double its beauty
  • Get the best results in the shortest time possible
  • Number of injected units will vary based on your facial lines and also how much correction you need.
  • Topical anesthesia will be used if needed. The results will appearance 3-10 days

Neurotoxin (Botox®, Nuceiva®, Dysport®)

45-60 minutes / session

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