Virtual Consultation

a spot for beauty consultation

Our patients have the luxury to receive the full anti-aging and beauty consultation by one of our expert physicians and instructors which is completed virtually from the comfort of their home.

We recommend all our patients to book a spot for this fully deductible beauty consultation before arriving to any of our clinics. During this 30 min session, our doctor will take pictures of your face from multiple angles and go through the best options of treatments to make a more beautiful you. At the same time, you have a chance to ask all your questions.

$75 fee is applicable. This fee is fully deductible from your first treatment in any branches of CBAM Clinic

The result of this consultation and recommended treatments will be emailed to you and also will be used as a guide for your treatment at the branch.

$350 per year

☞ Fully refundable within 1 month from your first treatment*
 $200 of this payment will be rebated in the following 2 visits

* If you get the refund for your membership fee within the first month, all the prices of the treatments you have previously received as a member will be recalculated as a non-member.